Plenary and Semi-Plenary Speakers

Eleni Chatzi
ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland
"Understanding, Reducing and Tracking Dynamics: beyond Linear Time Invariant Systems".

Joel P. Conte
University of California, USA
"Comprehensive Treatment of Uncertainties in the Performance-based Seismic Design of Ordinary Bridges"
Geert Degrande
KU Leuven, Belgium
"Assessment and mitigation of railway induced vibration in the built environment".

Tracy Kijewski-Correa
University of Notre Dame, USA
"Predicting the Energy Dissipative Potential of Tall Buildings: Insights from Sustained Full-Scale Monitoring"

Geert Lombaert
KU Leuven, Belgium
"Experimental assessment and model calibration of a large multi-span quasi-periodic viaduct"
Andrei Metrikine
TU Delft, The Netherlands  
"Dynamics and vibroacoustics of monopoles for offshore wind turbines"
Sotirios Natsiavas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
"Dynamics of mechanical multibody systems with motion constraints"
Yi Qing Ni
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
"Probabilistic machine learning for interpretation of vibration monitoring data"
Filippo Ubertini
University of Perugia, Italy
"Unsupervised learning and physics-based methods for SHM: challenges and trends for safeguarding built heritage in seismic zones".