Plenary and Semi-Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers
Marco Amabili
 McGill University, Canada
"Nonlinear damping in finite-amplitude vibrations of beams, plates and shells: experimental evidence and modeling"
Geert Degrande
KU Leuven, Belgium
Title to be announced.
Yi Qing Ni
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
"Probabilistic machine learning for interpretation of vibration monitoring data"
Semi-plenary Speakers
Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen 
University of Stavanger, Norway
Title to be announced.
Eleni Chatzi
 ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland
Title to be announced.
Francesco Lanza Di Scalea
University of California, San Diego USA
Title to be announced.
Andrei Metrikine
TU Delft, Belgium
"Dynamics and vibroacoustics of monopoles for offshore wind turbines"
Sotirios Natsiavas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
"Dynamics of mechanical multibody systems with motion constraints"
Giovani Solari
University of Genoa, Italy
"Thunderstorm downbursts: from field monitoring to wind-excited response of structures"